Digicom’s Diamond Track Cleaning Process is what sets us apart from our competitors.

With increased component miniaturization, electromigration and the rising cost of advanced packages, it is essential to thoroughly clean today’s high reliability electronics.

Digicom’s process uses a unique customized, in-line cleaning system that repeatedly delivers zero ion contamination as measured and backed by independent certified lab reports.

IPC-TM-650 Standard for CleanlinessIndependent tests show that Digicom’s Diamond Track process results in boards that are 75% cleaner than the IPC's* highest level of clean. A recent lab analysis for ion contamination found zero ion contamination (zero levels of sodium chloride--NaCl Micrograms/ on assembled boards. The process is completely "green". Deionized water from polishing tanks is used and recycled. Filters catch the solids while powerful blowers ensure that harsh chemicals are not blown back into the tank. Clear windows enable the operator to monitor the entire process. A refractometer checks the stability of the tank to make sure it’s not compromised. All drained solids are environmentally friendly.

Cleaning comparisonsThe cleaning process is repeatable, reliable, and uses an advanced in-line cleaning system to increase speed and throughput. All boards are routinely run through the system prior to assembly to ensure that the soldering process is not compromised by any contaminates from board fabrication and after assembly to completely clean any remaining chemicals from the soldering process. With Digicom's unique Diamond Track Cleaning the customers' products are much less susceptible to corrosion-induced failures reducing the need for maintenance or repair. The cost savings to Digicom's customers, especially those with military, aerospace and medical device applications, is considerable. The Diamond Track process eliminates failures from contamination that often result in millions of dollars in rework and repair, recalls, lawsuits, and lost business and revenue, and it protects the company's brand and reputation.

* IPC Association is a global trade organization and leading source for industry standards, training, market research and public policy advocacy. Ref: IPC-TM-650 Standard for Cleanliness.