Press Release: Digicom Electronics' White Paper, Cleanliness of PCB Assemblies Leads to Medical Device Reliability, is Now Available

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November 19, 2014 - Digicom Electronics, Inc., a technology and quality driven electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company, announces that the white paper, Cleanliness of PCB Assemblies Leads to Medical Device Reliability, is now available on the Digicom Electronics website at The paper explains how design and manufacturing conditions, along with myths about board cleanliness and contamination, have exacerbated the cleanliness problem, and shows how cleaning can eliminate board contamination for medical devices.

"Component manufacturers are continually developing new and smaller packages for components that are mere fractions of a millimeter and have board to component clearances of less than a mil. Pick and place machines have new accessories that allow placement of these almost invisible parts. Components are placed extremely close together. After a considerable amount of research and experimentation, we found that it takes a special combination of chemicals, temperature, wash cycles, timing, and equipment to adequately clean under parts that small," explained Mo Ohady, general manager of Digicom Electronics and co-author of the article.

"Research shows that many failures are a result of printed circuit boards that are not clean enough of contaminants from the manufacturing process," explained co-author and engineering specialist for Digicom Electronics, David Estes. "For medical devices, however, the potential for failure is very real and the effects of failure can be devastating."

In many instances it was found that a combination of comparatively minor points, when combined, led to processes that do not work well in today’s manufacturing environment, though their performance in the past was adequate. When products are less susceptible to corrosion-induced failures, maintenance and repair are minimized and costs reduced.

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