Solder Reflow

Digicom's use of precision profiling results in the highest quality during the soldering process, since the temperature is controlled precisely at each zone.

Digicom's advanced high-throughput convection reflow oven generates customized time-temperature profiles for each board. A gold super-mold module attached to the PCB travels through the reflow oven gathering data on thermal characteristics. Sensors are strategically attached to the PCB to record data at a maximum rate of 5,500 points per second and then transfers the data to the on-board computer. Complex algorithms and associated software take into account the sensor readings, solder paste characteristics, and other variables pertinent to each particular assembly. A target profile is generated and set-points transferred to the oven configuration.

Digicom's convection oven optimizes both lead-free and leaded processing, even for high density boards, for the ultimate in productivity and efficiency. Closed-loop convection control provides precise heating and cooling, programmable heat transfer, and reduced nitrogen consumption. Long multiple heating and cooling zones allow smooth, precise profiling with high speed controlled zone-to-zone transitions and an exit temperature below 80°C. Incredibly powerful analytical capabilities and excellent profile control enable Digicom to ensure an exacting reflow process that results in the highest quality.