Digicom has expanded again!

Although we just moved into our new facility 3 years ago, in order to offer more services, have the most technologically advanced equipment, and handle additional volume, we've taken over the entire building. We hope you'll join us as we celebrate the new additions to our green and environmentally friendly facility in the San Francisco Bay Area near the Oakland, California airport.


Mo Ohady, General Manager, Digicom Electronics Inc. talks to Judy Warner at APEX 2013 - RealTime with ... IPC

A Contract Manufacturer with a Unique Twist. Judy Warner, guest editor with Real Time with IPC, sits down with Mo Ohady of Digicom to discuss their new facility and their unique abilities and service to the academic community. Filmed on location in San Diego at IPC APEX 2013.


Mo Ohady, General Manager, Digicom Electronics Inc. talks to Philip Stoten at APEX 2012 - by EMSNowTV

Digicom has enjoyed great success through links to academia and major research institutes. In this in-depth interview, Mo Ohady, General Manager Digicom Electronics, explains the path they have taken and the successes they have enjoyed, citing a number of key reasons for the development of the business. Filmed at EMSNow's studio at APEX 2012.


Digicom Electronics' Mo Ohady discusses the latest news with Editor Bob Neves, RealTime with... IPC - MyIConnect007

Mo Ohady speaks with Guest Editor Bob Neves about Digicom Electronics' activity in the EMS business. The company's focus on quality and front-end work with customers is what sets them apart and their focus on domestic high-end manufacturing has contributed to their ongoing success.

IPC APEX Show 2012 ROUNDTABLE - EMS Differentiation, with Mo Ohady - by EMSNowTV

How does an EMS avoid being a 'me too' supplier? Eric Miscoll of Charlie Barnhart and Associates chairs this session with three EMS providers, all with very different, but equally valid business models and methods of differentiating themselves from the pack. All add to the debate and explain their take and what it takes to stand out. Filmed at EMSNow's studio at APEX 2012